Isle of Man TT Racing

If you’ve never been or seen the Isle of Man TT motorcycle race you have to check it out it’s raced on public roads that are closed and they race like a bat out of hell. the event is over 10 laps of a 15 Mile Road that has Bumps and Jumps and great Curves in it raced on Island. they race in different class groups like 500 ccs 250cc 350cc but the best one to watch is the Superbikes the super bikes are 1000 cc’s.

Over 45,000 motorcycle racing enthusiasts watch this race all over the world either from the comfort of their living room on TV or they line the streets to watch the race in person. the race runs in like the first or second week of June and it’s one of the most incredible things to watch. you can actually take a lap For yourself if you bring your motorcycle the the week before the race. speeds get up to 160 miles an hour during the time trials if you are going to bring your own motorcycle and do a few laps you have to kick ass because someone behind you will hit you if you’re going too slow.

Many people have died either racing the race or standing near the racetrack as a spectator, 146 to be exact as I wrote this. 2 weeks each year this Sleepy Little Rock in the middle of the Irish sea with a population of 88000 becomes something like a huge party to watch the 37 mile race. roughly 40,000 visitors will come many of them bringing their own motorcycles and joining local fans for a week of practices where they can ride their motorcycle on the actual race track.

The smell of burnt rubber and burning fuel is just awesome in the air and the people are so excited and happy to be there.  we go there every year to watch the race.

3 motorcycle racers have been killed in separate incidents in the Isle of Man race over the past two days. these men were racing on the Isle of man’s snaffle Mountain course since 2014.

Some of the racers I’ve met there and no from the racing circuit also race in Daytona Beach with me in the superbike series where we get up to top speed of 210 miles per hour. These guys have the biggest balls I’ve ever seen in racing, one guy’s name is Steve and the other guy’s name is Vic, I won’t mention their last names here because I don’t have permission. But you need a wheelbarrow to carry these guys balls around there so huge. Steve’s back tire doesn’t have any wear in the center but  it’s worn out on the sides. The guy is awesome.




I go to Daytona Beach for bike week every year it’s at the Daytona International Speedway and the surrounding City the party is just awesome we go to Every bar in town and some of the bars you can bring your motorcycle inside and do a burnout and smoke out the whole bar so cool. I will never miss it, and the chicks are loose and easy and it’s so easy to get laid there especially if you got a cool bike. I remember one time we were there about 5 years ago and I had sex with 3 girls in one night it was incredible. We also have a wheelie contest and I took 3rd place, I should have been in first place but that day I was just was not on my game.

Coming up will be the 77th annual Bike Week in Daytona Beach. you can go to several websites like the Chamber of Commerce and find official gear for this new bike week Festival that’s going to be changing into a huge party this year. Daytona Beach is known for the Daytona 500 NASCAR race, but during Bike Week the whole place is overrun with motorcycles and hot chicks in bikinis.

Motorcycle racing is so much fun I’ve been doing it since I was 19 years old and I’ve been a winner most of the time. bikes just playing at chicks before I had a bike I couldn’t get any checks and now I get tons of them. If you’re a young dude and you want to get laid by a motorcycle. The best times of my life were just pulling into places and picking up chicks. It was back in the 80s when no one had seen a row Cafe Style Racing motorcycle so when you pulled up on it everyone looked. It was the most amazing thing it was the most amazing thing, people would just stand there and stare. I felt like a king when I pulled up, even though I knew they weren’t looking at me they were looking at my motorcycle just felt good.

I used to get up very early in the morning like 4 o’clock and I’d ride my motorcycle from about 5 o’clock until 8 o’clock when I had to go to work.It was the funnest time of the day, even though I knew all the streets around my neighborhood which I lived in a big city in Southern California I didn’t really get to know them until I was riding a motorcycle you can see them better and you get to know them intimately. The cool morning air just woke you up and was just so nice exhilarating, when I say cool morning air I mean 65 or 70 degrees so it was not like being in Nebraska haha.

Sometimes I would get up early and ride down to Disneyland or I would ride up to Hollywood and go on Mulholland Drive which is a Winding Road through the hills of Hollywood where all the movie stars live. I used to run into guys like Gene Hackman and one time I ran into Mike Tyson who is riding his own motorcycle. Gene Hackman, I used to see all the time riding his motorcycle through the hills of North Hollywood and that guy was badass. He’s badass in the movies to but just one of the coolest guys you would ever meet. Ross CNC